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This is the story of the men and women at the time of the German attack on Russia in 1941.
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A small, lost unit of German soldiers is looking for shelter in a remote, snowy small village in the Ukraine. They got seperated from their company during battle and now they are deep within enemy territory cut off from the German troops.
The soldiers have to make a stop in the village in order to get provisions and transport so that they can join their troops again - maybe a very dangerous thing to do.
To their surprise the villagers welcome them as their saviours from their impending deportation by the Russians. This people are German Russians and Stalin condemned them as being potential traitors.
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Most of the residents try at first to make friends with the stranded German soldiers.
The soldiers for their part try the same because both – villagers and soldiers – depend on each other to survive.

Thanks to their shared language and roots, and the unspoken agreement the two parties grow ever closer. They share their dreams, their past and their wishes concerning the future. The seed of trust grows unstoppable by the doubters on both sides.
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The dynamic of the group during times of immediate threat when people need allies and create enemy stereotypes is the topic of the 95minute long film.

„Höre die Stille“ („Hear the silence“) is a parable about the loss of innocence during times of war that results in brutal preventive actions. People get trapped in an unstoppable circle of violence.

Director's Comments

The film as an intercultural project of the Münchener Film Akademie (MFA) has become much more than just the simple final exam of 20 drama school students.
The film shows how two groups clash into each other in an extraordinary situation and what consequences war has on every single person.
„How would I have reacted/behaved?“ - this question is the basis of that story. Our ancestors lived and fought during the 2nd World War.
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Horrible war crimes have been committed which is now unbelievable. The setting underlines the claustrophobic athmosphere: there are no noise interferences in the endless snow of the fairy tale landscape in our story.

That is the reason for the paradox in the title: „Hear the silence“. The audience should notice the breath of the characters as long as they are alive. The spectator should take a breath along with the actor and stops breathing along with them. That is why one gets sucked in even more into the depth of the story.
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The film is a parable on how ordinary people become cruel and brutal murderers, as it can happen at any war zone at the moment: Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan etc.

Technical Specifications
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 01:34:59
Aspect Ratio: 1:2,39 DCP TV 1:2,39 LB
Camera: RED MX
Codec: Red Raw 4K
Audioformat: 5.1 und 2.0
Language: Deutsch
Subtitle: EN, FR
Location: Sanok, Pl
Festival Distribution / Film Agency
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Markus Kaatsch
aug&ohr Medien
Riemannstr. 21
10961 Berlin, Germany

+ 49 (0) 176 - 62965299
Production Companies

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Lou Binder - Director / Producer (MFA)
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After finishing his education as a photographer and his studies in politics, Lou Binder has worked in the film business since
17 years. He worked as director since 1998 („Die Küstenwache“, „Motorradcops“, „Praxis Bülowbogen“ - to name a few),
directed and wrote short and long films for the cinema. In 1999 Lou Binder discovered a new passion in teaching actors.
Since 2004 he is the head of the creative department of the Münchener Film Akademie (MFA). He created a unique and reputed education program for actors europeanwide. This education program combines different acting techniques under the roof of the ‚Meisner Technique‘, backed up by his own experiences gained during his long work with actors.
This education program got the grade „state of the art“ thanks to the cooperation with numerous reputed drama school teachers like Jacqueline McClintock, Larry Silverberg, Robert Castle and CC Courtney.
Lou Binder produced and directed the cinema films „Feuchte Frösche“ („Wet frogs“) in 2010, the social network crime film „Free Identity“ in 2011 and the ecological thriller „Das große Strahlen“ („The Big Radiation“) in 2014.
Ed Ehrenberg - Director / Executive Producer (Monoloco Films)
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Born of a theatrical family in Hamburg he was raised in the public theaters of Essen, before he began in Munich at the Bavaria Film Studios his career as a production driver in 1990 and quickly became a set/unit manager, editor, assistant director and finally director and producer.
His activities for international film productions and commercials have taken him to Iceland, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Namibia, Poland and the Ukraine.
In 2001 he moved to Berlin, and parallel to his job as a director he taught classes for Camera Acting.
In 2012 Ed Ehrenberg founded as one of three partners the production company Monoloco Films in order to create own projects.

On behalf of Monoloco Films he supported in Namibia Tulinane Entertainment at the filming of the movie "Katutura" in Windhoek and implemented as a director, co-author and producer at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in cooperation with the Munich Film Academy and Red Zone Pictures the movie “Höre die Stille” ("Hear the Silence").
Ludwig Franz - DoP / Executive Producer (RedZonePictures)
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Ludwig Franz was born in 1966 in Munich. After finishing his education as photographer he started his career as independent camera assistent in the production department of the Bayerische Rundfunk.
He first started working as DOP in 1999 for the TV serials „Die rote Meile“. He worked for national and international film productions as camera assistent and DOP in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.
In 2012 Ludwig Franz founded the production company Red Zone Pictures, in order to work with Monoloco Films and Münchener Film Akademie on the cinema film debut „Hear the silence“ from the director Ed Ehrenberg.
Julia Peters - Director / Executive Producer (Monoloco Films)
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Julia Peters is working since 2006 as a freelance producer and director. For all major broadcasting stations, she has been directing television series. She started her career volunteering in production and cinematography.

After being educated and working as an editor, she carried on as an assistant director, mainly for TV-Serials and children's programs nationwide. In between she was writing and realizing her own film projects, mostly dealing with social issues.
Her short movie "Weiß" (“White”) and “Pflegestufe” ("Level of Care") were both awarded by the Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden with title of “„Besonders Wertvoll“ ("highly valuable"), the atribute of “Short Movie Of The Month” and many further awards on several international festivals.

In addition both movies have been proposed for the “German Short Movie Award”. In 2012 Julia Peters founded as one of three partners the production company Monoloco Films. She is taking key responsibilities for script development, dramatic composition and the contact to the film boards.

In 2013 Julia Peters absolved an intensive training at the “Masterschool Drehbuch” in Berlin and graduated as a scriptwriter for film and TV.
Guillermo Ruotolo - Director / Executive Producer (Monoloco Films)
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Guillermo Ruotolo, born in Argentina, is working as free producer and director in Berlin. The focus of his work is on Science Fiction and Fantasy movies. After graduating from high school with a five year actor training, he started his career in film at 1998 with film studies at the “ National University of La Plata” in Buenos Aires. In 2003 he obtained the degree in film directing with focus on scriptwriting and producing. After the studies he moved to Germany and gained set experiences in many countries as script supervisor and assistant director for cinema and television. Many production companies have been benefited from his multilingual skills (fluent in english, german and spanish).
In 2011/12 Guillermo Ruotolo absolved a master program in “Film Directing”
at the ESCAC Barcelona.

In this period he created his short movies “Los Elegidos” (“The Chosen”) and “La Apertura de la Nuez”
(“The Opening of the Nut”), that have participated on international film festivals, e.g. on the “Festival de Cannes”.

In 2012 he founded as one of three partners the production company "Monoloco Films" in Berlin in order to create own projects and taking key responsibilities as producer for international Co-Productions, e.g. for his fantasy movie “The Gaucho Salim”.
Production Crew - Credit's
Producer -
Lou Binder MFA
Executive Producers -
Ed Ehrenberg
Ludwig Franz
Julia Peters
Guillermo Ruotolo

Associate Producer -
Isabelle Endres
Production Coordination Germany -
Tina Seyffert
Production Coordination Poland -
Marina Izquierdo
Production Manager Poland -
Jan Kmiecinski

Screenplay -
Axel Melzener
Julia Peters
Ed Ehrenberg

Director -
Ed Ehrenberg
First Assistent Director -
Guillermo Ruotolo

Creative Coordination -
Julia Peters

Director of Photography -
Ludwig Franz BVK
First Assistent Camera -
Rainer Rösch
Steadicam Operator / DIT -
Niklas Fischer

Gaffer -
Dominik König
Sparks -
Alexander Buchhammer
Lukas Bujnowski

Grip -
Samuel Göhr

Sound Mixer -
Pascal Degner
Markus Prihoda

Make Up & Hair -
Franziska Wagner
Yvonne Trefon

Editor -
Jan-Timo Sonnemann

Stephan Braun
Caroline Sonnemann
Ludwig Franz

Head of Digital Postproduction -
Manuel Georg
Postproduktion Supervisor -
Sabrina Rühl
Colorist -
Susan Lindner
Online Editor, Colorist DCP -
Jakob Seidel
Titel Design -
Ludwig Franz
Score -
Tonbüro GmbH
Eike Hosenfeld,
Tim Stanzel

Score Trailer -
Michael Wiesner Studio 84
Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Design -
Holger Wisniewski
Foley Artist -
Moritz Monorfalvi
ADR Recording -
Michael Wiesner Studio 84

Violine Recorded by -
Rolf Schulte
Songs Recorded by -
Armin Scholz
Daniel Geister

Dialog Re-Recording Mixer -
Jörn Steinhoff
Re-Recording Mixer -
Philipp Scholz
Sound Design Historical Documents -
Anthony Oetzmann
Stills -
Niklas Fischer
Ludwig Franz

Catering Supervisor -
Jessica Reichert


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Direktor Jerzy Ginalski
Marcin Krowiak
Hubert Ossadnik
Arkadiusz Kryda
sowie allen Mitarbeitern des Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego (Skansen)

Bürgermeister Phdr. Wojciech Blecharczyk
den Polizeipräsidenten von Sanok - Commisar Grzegorz Matyniak
und an die Stadt Sanok

und vor allem an
Jan ‚Johnny‘ Kmiecinski und den Mitarbeitern des Motel Kmicic!

Isabell Endres Beate und Erich Fenster Lucy, Damian, Alexander und Dominik Minkus Izabela Megerle Johanna Soeldner 304000 MEDIENKREATIONEN Mitch Boxrucker Markus Goßner
Julia Monique Neviandt Hanne Grawe Tina und Martin Kloss Ulrike Seyffert Doris und Frank Reichert Rainer Lenhardt Klaus Eisenberger - Caninenberg und Schouten GmbH Thomas Emmes Elias Eberl, Tchaka - Erlebnispädagogisches Zentrum Kreisjugendring München-Stadt Tobias Volke und Patrick Plischke – Oliver Liliensiek Monika KmieciƄska
Moritz Hansen
Thomas Bircks

Gabriel Wunderling - Sturm Handels GmbH
pure idea Visagistenschule München
Georg Mondi Filmtechnik GmbH
Cinepost Production AG
Zündt´s Filmgeräte Verleih GmbH
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